Point System

Points for Registering: 10
(when you register you automatically get 10 points)

Points for Daily Visits: 1
(each day when you first visit our site you will get 1 point for your loyalty)

Points for Viewing Recipes/Forums Posts/Replies etc.: 1
(you’ll get rewarded for surfing through myrecipes.ie)

Points per Login: 1
(every time you login to myrecipes.ie you get rewarded/capped to 2 times daily)

Points for Uploading Cover Photo: 5
(when you upload cover photo to your profile you get rewarded)

Points for Uploading Profile Photo: 5
(when you upload profile photo to your profile you get rewarded)

Points for Updating profile: 5
(when you update your profile information you get rewarded)

Points for Publishing Content: 60
(when you post a recipe or a blog you get heavily rewarded)

Points for Commenting: 10
(when you post a comment on the website you get rewarded)

Points for Referring Visitors: 10
(when some person clicks your referrer link you get rewarded)

Points for Referring Signups: 100
(when a person who clicked your referrer link signups you get heavily rewarded)